10 thoughts on “Telegraph Article – Why Are Black Female Victims Seemingly Invisible?

  1. This was by you? I read the article yesterday and thought it was awesome!
    I posted it on my FB page.
    Then I got notification in my reader from your blog.
    Yaaay! Well done you!!

  2. I just happened by this blog. I believe the reason black women aren’t given the attention some of us might believe they deserve is because the black community doesn’t give them the attention they deserve much in the same way the black community is largely silence about black male youth and the violence that dominate the lives of many.

    I always ask the question…”Why do we seek for other races of people to value and find us important when we don’t find ourselves important enough to bring attention to on a national front?”.

    I believe when the global black community raise the standards and set the standards others will follow.

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