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This blog is intended to stimulate discussion of feminist issues and work towards a more equal world. To that end, I welcome both support and dissent, as long as the following criteria have been met:

  • Your comment is respectful
  • You have actually read the post that you are commenting on

That’s it – very simple!


  • Every first post will automatically come under moderation. Once this is cleared, you will be able to post freely.
  • If your username has been blacklisted, all your future comments will enter the moderation queue.
  • I am not an organisation; the only one in charge of my blog is me. If your comment takes a while to appear, please do not post multiple times in an attempt to draw it to my attention.

What ‘Disrespectful’ Looks Like:

  • Abusive and offensive comments
  • Trolling
  • Harassing myself or other commenters
  • Personal insults
  • Dominating/bullying behaviour

Any comments containing these will be edited or deleted. Regular harassers will be completely banned.


Needless to say, the views expressed in the comments belong solely to the commenters, and publication of them does not imply endorsement.

One thought on “Comments Policy

  1. I. Can’t. Even.

    Seriously.. your blog is so incredibly thought provoking, and full of open, honest discourse that I feel quite literally giddy at having the opportunity to read it. I want to say thank you, for everything I have so far read.


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