One Lovely Blog Award

Hooray! Thank you, Belle Jar, for the nomination, and for your own inspiring blog posts.

I copied the rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you.


2. Add The One Lovely Blog Award to your post.


3. Share 7 things about yourself.

a) I absolutely love hand feeding animals. To date, I have had the following animals eating out of my hand: a giraffe, goats, rabbits, a moose, terrapins, a camel, kangaroos, parrots, cows, an elephant. If you see any animals in need of feeding, send them my way. 🙂

b) I’d choose a shower over a bath any day.

c) Thomas Hardy’s Jude the Obscure is my favourite novel.

d) Everything’s better in green.

e) I have named my future dog Roy.

f) I’ve recently become very interested in octopuses and the things they can do.

g) I love hats.

4. Pass the award on to 15 nominees.

The Feminist Atheist – “Where equality meets rationality”

unladylikemusings – Great blog with (unladylike!) posts on feminist issues

windupmyskirt – One of the first blogs I started following, windupmyskirt writes about feminism, atheism, politics and social injustice.

Damn Right I’m a Feminist – Visit this blog for your quick, daily dose of passionate feminism.

kopfkrabbe – “Delicious brainstories of a skeptic, atheist, feminist, headbanging and sci-fi loving wannabe psychologist”

Note to Self  – “The blog of a 24 year old finding her way in the world.” Much beautiful, thought-provoking writing here.

Manboobz – A blog mocking misogyny and the MRA’s. Trigger warning though, the blog attracts said misogynists, who sometimes write some pretty vile comments.

DOG Sharon – Author of DOG Sharon-The Future is Female, a book which puts forward a non-violent message of change for our world.

Questions for Women – Paula, a teacher and mother of two daughters, discusses questions surrounding the condition of women in today’s society, and works for change.

Unequal Seas – “A global force for dude?” Exposing sexism in the US Navy.

Can be Bitter – More brilliant feminist analysis of Western society

The Pervocracy – “Sex. Feminism. BDSM. And some very, very naughty words.”

Very Bad Apple – “Misappropriating feminism, popular culture and fruit”

Hikikomoiegaku – “Selected fiction, articles, and opinions.” Check out the section on ‘Feminist Writings’, a man’s perspective on the patriarchy.

BroadBlogs – “A broad blogs broadly about women’s and men’s psychology”

5. Include this set of rules.


6. Inform your nominees by posting a comment on their blogs.


And that’s it!